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May 10th, 2017

Boston Engagement Photography

You’re engaged! What’s next? Devising the perfect outfits for your engagement photos! Here are a few tips on dressing camera-friendly so you can help your photographer capture the true essence of your relationship with your fiancee!

1) Do not match with your fiancee OR the background

Make sure you plan ahead of time where you will be taking your pictures. That way, you can come in colors that will complement and coordinate with your fiancee and the scenery. If you decide to wear a dress, find one that will move with you in a picture, as those are extremely flattering on camera. Rent the Runway has great options for sundresses or cocktail dresses, depending on what scale of fancy you’re leaning towards.

2) Don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns

Polka dots will never go out of style. But going overboard with polka dots is. Make sure the patterns you pick are kept to a minimum. If you plan on wearing a black skirt with white polka dots, think about pairing it with a solid white shirt as opposed to another print. Contrast is always appealing.

3) Accessorize

Remember an outfit isn’t complete without a great pair of shoes, necklaces, or earrings. But, try not to wear too high of heels as they could sink into the ground if you’re in a garden setting. Jewelry should also be kept to the minimum and statement pieces should be avoided. If you want to achieve the hourglass look, think about using a belt to cinch your waist in!

4) Look crisp and clean

No matter how much you want to wear a piece of clothing, if it looks baggy or wrinkly on you, stay away from it! It will detract from the photos! For example, your groom could just wear a pair of fitting jeans or pants, a button down with a blazer, and simple Chuck Taylors. Make sure you both stay true to yourself and have fun with it!

5) Get your nails done

Because many pictures will be taken to show off your engagement rings, your fingers need to look as up to par as the rest of you! Guys, this means you too! So go on a mani/pedi date to look well groomed for your photo session. Sticking to light or neutral polish is always the best bet as bright colors can usually be too distracting.

6) Pamper your face

While you’re at it, why not get your brows done at Katrina Hess, or your makeup done at Danielle Keefe Makeup Artistry, both companies voted Best Bridal Makeup for Boston Brides. Going to a professional is important as they’ll know how to enhance your natural beauty and ensure you glow throughout your entire shoot!

7) Don’t neglect your hair

There is also nothing more satisfying than getting a blowout as well as getting your hair styled at the Dry Bar on Newbury St. Your groom could even get in the mood by going for a hot shave or a haircut at The Art of Shaving. These will be great investments because if you both feel your best, then it will definitely shine through in your photos!

Finally, keep in mind that no matter how good your photographer is, he/she can’t mind read you. Make sure you’ve researched pictures or poses you’d like to recreate beforehand, so you can tell your photographer exactly what you’re envisioning. Good luck!



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