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November 1st, 2017

Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

When you begin your wedding planning, you will quickly learn that there are so many decisions to be made in a pretty short amount of time. Sure, you might have the typical “1 year” of planning ahead of you. But a wedding date is usually selected first and choosing the best vendors are a close second. You begin to realize that the “big decisions” are made within the first few months and then all the wonderful details will follow. But one of the biggest decisions of all is selecting your gown. Maybe you are one of those brides who has been dreaming about bridal dress shopping since you were 5. Perhaps you have been flipping through bridal magazines and checking out the latest styles online on wedding planning websites. Or maybe the thought of bridal gown shopping makes you nervous (it’s ok, you are not alone!). Regardless, you should start shopping sooner rather than later. Most gowns take a good 6 months to come in once an order is placed. So, dress shopping is definitely not something you want to wait until the last minute for. We have been fortunate to see countless weddings here at BKB Photo & co. and met numerous brides who have had all sorts of experiences dress shopping - and different experiences actually wearing the gown they chose on their wedding day. We’ve come up with some great tips based on our experience we know you will find useful!First, choose a gown that does not require a lot of “fluffing”. Not only will you want to be able to move in it all day long (and of course, dance the night away at your reception), but a gown that doesn’t require fluffing helps us, as photographers, do our jobs better. Fluffing and fixing a gown during getting ready photos, ceremony photos, and bridal party portraits takes away from actual photographing time. And trust me – these are some of the best photos to have! Choose a dress that does not need a lot of maintenance. Second, try on gowns that have texture. Close up shots of those beautiful details speak volumes. Lace, pleats, belts and sashes, flowers, appliques, beading, mesh, feathers, and ruffles. The possibilities are endless! Not only do these features make your gown beautiful and unique, but they also are so much fun to photograph, giving your gown depth and character.

Next, while trends may influence the types of gowns you try on, keep in mind that it’s important to choose a dress that fits properly and that flatters your figure. For instance, strapless gowns are everywhere and probably make up most gown out there. But if you don’t feel comfortable in strapless dresses, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get one. I love that gowns with sleeves are starting to make their way into bridal stores. We are seeing more straps, off the shoulder, ¾ length and long sleeves more and more. Often times, these sleeves are mesh or lace, adding to more drama in the gown. These gown are even more fitting for a vintage, retro or barn wedding! Finally, bring only a select few to the bridal salons with you. Choose the people who are close to you and whose opinions mean the most to you. Perhaps your mother, sister, and grandmother. Or your future mother in law, maid of honor, or childhood best friend. The more people you include, the more opinions you will be given – and that’s not always productive. Keeping it to 3 or 4 people will not only help in your gown selection, but also will ensure the memories of bridal gown shopping stay close to you and the ones that mean the most to you.Happy wedding gown shopping! We can’t wait to see the gown you have chosen on your wedding day!

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