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November 25th, 2015

Instagram ideas for your Boston wedding

Want to be able to see all the fun photos your friends and family took at your wedding? Create a custom #hashtag and ask them to tag all of the photos they upload to Instagram!

In case you aren’t sure what Instagram is, it’s an app that you download on to your iPhone or Android phone that allows you to edit and share photos. The app has over a dozen different filters for you to play with, along with other tools to manipulate your photo any way you’d like. Just like other social media platforms, people who have an Instagram account can follow you, like your photos, and comment on your photos. You can also share your Instagram photos to other social media sites, like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

By using a #hashtag to tag your photos, it makes it easier for others to find the images they’re interested in. Creating a hashtag for your wedding is a great way to be able to find the images that were taken during the event and posted to Instagram.

Most couples that create a custom hashtag use their names and a date. For example: #BostonBrollins12 might have been a hashtag I would have used at MY wedding! I suggest you double check to see if other people have the hashtag you are considering before you commit, especially if you both have common names.

Let your guests know about your custom hashtag by including it on your wedding website, invitations, programs, or sinage (or all four). It’s fun to create chalkboard art or make a framed sign to let guests know your custom hashtag. An example of what the sign might say is: “If you use Instagram, please tag your photos with #BostonBrollins12 and help us document our wedding!” We suggest you put the sign (or signs) in conspicuous locations, like the escort card table, at the entrance to the reception, on the gift table, or cake table.

Even though Instagram is fun and the instant gratification is awesome, we, as professional wedding photographers, still love an “unplugged” ceremony. This is when your guests are asked to put their cameras and phones away and be present at your ceremony. This way, the professionals you hired to capture one of the most important parts of your life aren’t competing with your friends for photo opportunities.

But after the recessional...INSTAGRAM AWAY! Follow BKB & CO on Instagram.

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