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May 24th, 2017

Wedding Toast ideas

Before dinner is served at your reception, it’s tradition for the best man, maid of honor or perhaps the parents of the bride or groom to give the official toast of the wedding. Couples often think long and hard as to who they would like to ask to give the toast. And let’s face it, it IS a lot of pressure! You have to choose someone who you know and trust, someone who knows you both as a couple, someone who will speak kind words and hopefully not embarrass you, and someone who is fairly comfortable speaking in front of a large crowd.  

Whether you choose to ask someone to give a toast or not, we have seen the trend for more and more Boston couples at to give a toast themselves. And honestly, we love, love, love the idea! The toast before dinner is the perfect opportunity to take a few moments and thank all of your guests for coming to your wedding. Sure, you could have eloped, but you chose to have a fantastic celebration with your family and friends. Perhaps you have parents who are hosting or have contributed to your wedding in some way. Maybe you have a close relative who is a master crafter and has helped you create the perfect DIY wedding. Or there may be family and friends who have traveled far to be there for you on your wedding day. Whatever the reason, this is a great time for you to thank them. 

A few words from you is just the perfect way to start the night. And once you start dancing the night away, it might be difficult to go around to each and every guest to personally thank them for coming. A toast is a wonderful way to make sure you have said your thank you's! Keep it short and sweet – a couple of minutes tops. Your guests will definitely appreciate that!

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