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August 20th, 2015

10 Ways to Prepare for your Boston Wedding

Many brides' wedding days start early in the morning with beauty prep and go late into the night on the dance floor-- and keeping up with the pace can be exhausting. Here’s 10 helpful tips to make sure every Boston Bride is at her best.

1. Step away from the planning binder! Let go of all the loose ends the second you arrive at the rehearsal. What’s done is done, and what’s not can be delegated. Your friends and ‘maids can make sure every “i” is dotted and every “t” crossed; enjoy the fruits of your labor as soon as you take that paper plate bouquet down the day-before aisle.

2. Sip, don’t slam. True, it’s time for celebration, but going heavy on the cocktails and bubby during the rehearsal dinner can easily sneak up on you with all of the excitement. Moderation is the key.

3. Sweet nothings. After the rehearsal, steal a few minutes away with your fiancé. Just a little time away from your future mother-in-law, the ill-behaved ring-bearer and that one bridesmaid who you know is more concerned about she’ll look coming down the aisle than you, can be all it takes to make sure you don’t sweat the small stuff.

4. Beauty sleep. As hard as it is to catch some shut-eye the night before, you have a long day ahead. Enlist the help of an iPod, noise-canceling headphones or a rousing pillow fight-- whatever it takes to take the edge off and catch some Zzzzzzs.  

5. Routine. If you normally squeeze in a daily morning jog and a Great One from Dunkin’ Donuts to find your sanity, maintain as similar as a routine as you can. Stress-busters like these will help ease the butterflies in the belly.

6. Diet-schmiet. It’s done; you’ve Zumba-ed, treadmill-ed and squatted your way to a svelte bridal silhouette. EAT a smart breakfast (sans the salty bacon) and STAY HYDRATED to make sure you don’t look like the loopy bride from 16 Candles.

7. Let the pros handle it. You did your homework and hired the vendors you felt were the best fit for you and your fiancé. Now let them do their job. Remember: this might be your first wedding but it’s certainly not theirs. If they don’t know how to get there, they probably have GPS (except for maybe the limo drivers- print out a copy of any directions before the big day and entrust a bridal party member- on both sides- with a spare set).

8. In Her Shoes. Every bride loves a sale, but make sure you don’t scrimp on comfortable footwear. At a recent wedding I was in, the bride asked for help putting on her shoes and to my delight, this rug-cutting bride-to-be chose a gold pair of Capezio (professional dance shoes) brand stilettos so she would miss a moment on the dance floor. Brilliant!

9. It’s a wrap. As determined as you and your hubby may be to savor the lobster tail dinner you’re paying out the wazoo for, friends and family can’t help but visit the head table for congratulatory hugs. Ask your caterer to prepare two to-go dinners for you both ahead of time that you can take with you and chow down later- they will be happy to do it and usually at no extra charge.

10. Ship ‘em out. The good news? Tons of gifts await you. The bad news? You didn’t account for how to get them home. This is your day, and maybe your only day, that friends and family are chomping at the bit to help you. Designate your SUV-owning pal or that always-pumping-iron uncle to load up the gifts and take them to a designated locale (home, their home, etc.) Tiara-wearing gals never load boxes (unless their robin-egg blue, of course...).

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